Use of a Crown

As many will know the use of a crown on emblems and insignia is common amongst military and emergency services. The crown used is a variation of the Crown of Saint Edward, which can only be used with permission from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In Australia this permission is granted by the Awards and Culture Branch, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The design of the Crown of Saint Edward can be seen here, or scroll down for a comparison.

The only crown design affected by this Royal restriction is the Crown of St Edward, or anything that is so close in look that it could easily be mistaken for the Crown of St Edward. The design used by ACREM is not the same as the Crown of St Edward, and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has advised that it is sufficiently different that it is not regarded as restricted or prohibited.

The reason ACREM chose to use this crown was because crowns are commonly used for the senior ranks in emergency services, and so even though the crown used is different than the one used by emergency services, it is believed that the use of a crown of some description would help other services in the field easily identify senior members. ACREM consulted with the respective government departments prior to implementing this design in order to confirm that we would not contravene any laws or restrictions through the use of the chosen design.

Crown Designs

The Crown of St Edward The crown used by ACREM

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